IE Domain Registry – the government consults

The government has its proposals for regulating and possibly taking control of the IE Domain Registry (MS Word document containing links to relevant sections) out for consultation at the moment. Responses to the consultation have to be in before 20 January 2006. The relevant text is also reproduced at the bottom of this post.

I have now been actively involved with issues around the governance of the IE domain for longer than anyone, and my personal opinion is this. I am very sad that the Irish Internet community in general and the boards of UCD and IE Domain Registry Ltd. in particular have allowed things to end up in this sorry state where an outside regulator has to be given powers to enforce its will on the system. As a community we should get together and sort this out. We shouldn’t have to wait for the government to come in and regulate our mess for us. Government involvement will ultimately result in more red tape, slower progress during a time of rapid technological change and higher costs.

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Opening the veil on the IE Domain Registry

University College, Dublin is the body responsible for operating the IE Domain Registry. However, the registry is run in a very untransparent fashion.

I wanted to break the veil of secrecy, so I put in a request under Ireland’s Freedom of Information Act to see files relating to the IE Domain Registry. Despite a lot of objections from UCD and the Registry, I’ve just received this ruling from the Information Commissioner confirming that I am entitled to see these files.
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The DNS Dilemma

Verisign wants to make the web easier to use and that’s why they introduced the Sitefinder service. It wants to make it so that if you mistype a web address, you’ll be given a helpful hint to put you back on the right track. Not only that, but Verisign wants to use the extra revenue it garners from advertisers on this service to fund the battle against hackers to keep the Internet secure. 83 percent of users say they like the new service. You can’t argue with that, can you?
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