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A Burning Man for Europe

I was just thinking about that great counter-culture meeting of minds that happens in the Nevada desert every year, the Burning Man Festival. I think that we should have something similar, a celebration of European alternative culture in Ireland. Of course, it would have to have a unique Irish twist.

I propose that it be held in and around a tent-village in a traditional Irish location which is well known in the media, and which has the comprehensive facilities needed to facilitate tens of thousands of participants in comfort (such as the Burren, or the Bog of Allen.

Obviously, it would be wet, rather than hot, and rain rather than sandstorms would be the prevailing weather. Given the difficulty of getting anything to light, the name ‘Burning Man’ would obviously not be appropriate. Maybe we could have a bog-snorkelling contest?

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  1. Burning man- go for it man! Let us know when & where it’s happening. Cheaper than going to Nevada for sure!

  2. Its something that a few of us have been planning. There was one last year in Spain and we might be going back there. There is a desert there and its about 5 hours north of Madrid. If you are interested in getting involved contact me on the above e-mail.

  3. Hi
    Not sure if this will get through but here goes!

    I’m interested in information about the Burning Man festival in Spain. I’ve heard and read rumours that there will be a Burning Man in Spain during 2005. If you or anyone knows more I’d be very grateful.

  4. hi, ive heard rumours of a fes too- are they true??? Daisy

  5. rather than doing this just 6 days a year, you can get involved in an alternative community in Ireland.
    It is called CELT and is located in Scariff, Co Clare.

    For anyone interested here is the address:

  6. i am very interested to be involved with a spain burning man festival…could you let me know when & where…i am an artist/musician/dancer perfomer, permaculture designer…initiated & co-ordinated my own area/permaculture garden at glastonbury festival till ousted in 2002!!