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Become a primary school teacher, online

Now you can study to be a fully qualified Irish primary school teacher on the Internet with Hibernia College. It only takes 18 months and the degree is recognised by the Irish government. If a company like Hibernia College with very few employees and no campus of its own can set up and offer courses leading to professional qualifications, then what hope is there for bloated universities and colleges, with thousands of staff and expensive buildings?

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  1. would yous all stop being sooo rude…at the end of the day we all want one thing out of it and it is to teach children in the classroom, using our own skills and expertise..all the heartless people above…you call urself teachers??nice example your setting!!….

  2. Hi all,
    Revisiting this conversation after an absence of almost five years and wondering if any of the former contributors have changed their views on Hibernian students and courses. I was delighted to meet Ellie by chance and congratulate her on her success in her exams and on her excellence in her teaching methodologies and strategies.
    I’m also delighted to be able to claim not having met any Esther/principal( former anti-Hibernia contributors) types thus far in my career and on reflection I can only surmise that similar personality types were simply fearful of the novel approach to teaching Hibernian College presented.I do hope that prospective students were not put off by the pure virulence of their vitriol spouting. When I look back on this thread I cannot help but feel irritated by the needless ignorance of their remarks regarding the course content and process and the supercilious and condescending nature of their attack on fellow colleagues.
    Anyway we’ve all had time to reconsider and reflect and I hope everyone is at peace with whatever road they have travelled!!!!!!