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Challenging the Force?

I can’t believe it! Some fat guy called Scott Chaffin has casually dismissed the wisdom of the Jedi MasterYoda. It all started when I reminded Joi of the Jedi Master’s profound and important message for humanity in a discussion about power and ethics.

Next thing I know, this guy starts slagging me, and worse still, slagging the wisdom of the ancient and revered senior member of the Jedi council himself. And of course, Richard Bennett, the curry salesman who hosts the site carries on the jibes, calling me a ‘wild-eyed geek’.

How can these men be so crass and materialistic? They clearly do not appreciate what they are dealing with when they mock the power of the Force and the wisdom of Yoda. The words of the Master have had a profound influence on the beliefs and values of the modern world. The latest UK census results show that the Force provides a spiritual framework for some 400,000 people in the UK. This was more than Judaism and Buddhism combined.

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  1. Holy Smokes, Doc! Good reactions there. That was three weeks ago. I’m glad it wasn’t Joi calling for a vote on something important in that psuedo-networked-uber-democracy you’re all on about.

    And don’t take it personal, either. I feel the same way about people who think John Wayne was a real cowboy.

    PS I’m materialistic because it pays the bills.