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Iraq – at least they’re rich

Iraq is said to produce 2.8m barrels of oil per day. If they can make USD20/barrel, that’s about 20 billion dollars a year clear. Plenty there to do an awful lot of construction.

Iraq doesn’t need foreign aid, at least in the financial sense. They are loaded with a readily convertible commodity.

Iraq’s problem isn’t that they’re poor. Their problem (or at least one of their problems) is that they’re so rich that everyone is going to want a piece of the action.

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  1. But if you have a trade embargo on your arse, how the hell are you supposed to make money. Iraq is rich in resources but not otherwise. Is there no decent coverage of the Iraqi invasion in Ireland?

  2. Well whatever about decent coverage in Ireland, they obviously don’t teach cop-on and good manners in the University of Cologne (where the previous poster is from).