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SAP: You call that a supply chain?

I ordered the free beach towel that SAP offered on its website about three or four months ago, maybe longer. I had given up hope of ever getting it. It finally arrived yesterday.

I think the lady in the SAP ad is going to have something to say to the marketing department. (To be fair to SAP they did follow through on their promise in the end, even if their supply chain left something to be desired.)

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  1. i love the way corps like SAP say how they understand your supply chain and they do in me b****x. How can you add value-added software to opertions in the middle of supply chains, you will only ever be meat in teh sandwic., Having dealt with the likes of Solectron, Flextronics, Jabil, Foxconn et al, the only language they understand is hardball. And no software in the world will help you out with that.

    ro_G. cynical.


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