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We should do this in Ireland: Flash Mobs

Basically, the idea is that a wide group of people spontaneously show up at a single spot. They hang around for 10 minutes or so, then scatter again. The whole thing is organised by email or sms. Like all the best things in life, there’s no profound point to it, it’s just for fun.

Read more at Cheese Bikini. I heard about it on Joi’s site.

I suppose if there is a profound point to it (and I’m not saying there is) I suppose it might be that mobile communications and the Internet can be used to bring people together very quickly around a particular issue (or rug).

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  1. I’ve had some experience at using technology for mass mobilisation on specific issues. These issues ( & largely involved virtual mobilisation i.e getting people to contact their Government Representatives. However in the latter campaign email and SMS played no small part in mobilising 13,000 people to march peacefully on Government Buildings.

    This Flash Mobs idea is a breath of fresh air in its simplicity. No point? Great! I wonder what the response of the Gardai would be to something like this though. On the surface this bares similarites to Critical Mass and reclaim the Streets. Their response to at least one of these gatherings has ended up with Garda up in court on assault charges. I guess the automatic dispersal after 10 minutes would avoid any confrontation. I can imagine a Garda arriving on the scene after 9 mins 30 secs and after a few words being dead chuffed with their improving crowd control skills.

    I’ve been looking for nothing to do in the evenings. I can just imagine several hundred people spontaneously gathering under the Spire on O’ Connell St. with no visible point other than the red beacon on top. If only someone would organise it..

  2. Looks like you were a bit ahead in thinking with the flash mobs thing or maybe I’m just a bit behind, i heard on the radio there’s one planned for this weekend in dublin, any ideas on how to find out where and when?

  3. Yes, there is a mailing list for this. Check out Dublinmob. You’ll need to join the mailing list, and then (presumably) they’ll let you know what’s happening this weekend.

    So there. Now you know everything I know.