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Electronic voting: new report expected

A new report on electronic voting is expected from the Commission on Electronic Voting in the next few days. We can expect it to be a lot more detailed and explicit than the previous damning report.

The Commission on Electronic Voting will be placed on a statutory basis later today when the new Electoral Act is signed into law. Section 27 of will give the Commission absolute privilege so that it can speak freely without being subject to the laws of libel and slander.

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  1. The new electoral act was passed through its final stage in the Seanad on Wednesday, but the earliest the President could sign it is Tuesday – after the 5 day minimum period for consideration has passed.

    Additionally it’s now not clear, despite the opinion of the Commission that the full details of its work “would make a significant contribution to the information about the chosen system that is available generally in the context of the public debate”, whether the Commission now even wants to make a full report.

    The commission secretariat are saying they have not been told to expect a report. My advice; Ring them on monday, on 01 6184833, and ask (politely) that the Commission be asked to publish a full report as soon as possible.

  2. Excuse me, I thought there had been a motion for earlier signature, but a careful search reveals there hasn’t.

    I do have some information on this, but we’ll see.