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Jaume Maza on the Bewleys debacle

Jaume Maza, who worked in Bewleys Grafton Street for eight months comments on my earlier article on the subject. Jaume reckons it all went pear-shaped when they decided to cut the all-day breakfast.

Jaume’s view:

Hello, my name is Jaume, I’m from Barcelona (Spain) and I want to express my personal opinion.

I was working for Bewley’s (Grafton St) 8 months. I want to say that work there was wonderful, most of the people I met there were great people, no doubt we were a big family.

Day by day, I saw how bewley’s was sinking without solution in a deep hole. All the decisions they took, they took it wrong. When business were going well, they decided to remove their “Star product” All day breakfast; from my point of view there is an inflection point. Day by day I saw people leaving Bewley’s angry because someone had broken something sacred (All day breakfast). This wasn’t the one but I don’t want to debate. All the employees were scared everytime they took a decision. When business was going down they got more people, when managers weren’t the rigth solution, they contract more. As a bewley’s worker (like the others) I recived psycological damage (you never knew if you were going to work all your hours, neither if you were going to get paid by the hours you worked, you were insulted, they used to grab you badly, they used to ashamed you in front of costumers and a large etcetera). As all people who left Bewley’s, I left it tired of it. Tired because I couldn’t stand like the others the incessant injustices.

I want to clarify something, I do love Bewley’s, I do love my ex-workmates and I do love a few managers and a lot of costumers but I’m happy bewley’s is closing down next 30 of november because they deserve it, it’s the fair price they have to pay because their incompetence.

It’s true, Bewley’s has lost its magic if some day it had it.

As the experience shows, wrong decisions carries bad endings.


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