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More Dumbness at Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom won’t send me a list of their tariffs. They say the list is too big to send by email. I have now made a complaint under Comreg 04/86, a regulation which requires telephone companies to publish accurate, comprehensive tariff information. – UPDATED with pricelists for Smart Telecom and Tele2

I’ve initially made the complaint to Smart Telecom, and I expect to hear from them over the next day or so.

They want me to request the specific countries I want rates for. Am I being unreasonable here? Is it unfair of me to expect Smart Telecom to send me a list of tariffs for all the countries they operate services to? Eircom publishes this information on its website, why can’t Smart?


After the matter was escalated, Smart have finally sent me an Excel spreadsheet with information about all their tariffs. It only took three days, and it wasn’t so big after all.

Here is the Smart Telecom pricelist. Download file

Here is the Tele 2 pricelist. Download file

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  1. Is Smart Telecom the way to go? as I have being trying to get a business broadband line off them and also a friend has enquired about a business with twenty ‘phone lines. I would appreciate your opinion as you seem to have more dealings with the company than myself. If they do buy Meteor their standards may improve.



  2. on the subject of imagine…i applied for their services from the web site on 30 jul account activated on 26 aug (not the 10 working days as promised) and am still waiting on the broadband connection on 18 oct 05

  3. I’m having a lot of trouble with Smart, after I informed them in April 05 that i was moving address and I wanted the line cut off, but when I went to pick up mail months later they were still sending me bills for the period I was not there…They are now sending me threatening letters through Debt collectors. I have made many phonecalls to smart to sort this out, but they keep on sending bills… dont touch them with a telegraph pole!


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