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Public transport in Curitiba

The public transport system in Curitiba is said to be very efficient, and uses mainly regular buses. It’s interesting to ponder how the same principles can be applied in other cities.

It’s also interesting to note that the capacity of the service is comparable to the capacity of the Luas system in Ireland. Buses hold up to 230 passengers (mostly standing, obviously).

There is a similar system in operation in Utrecht.

The interest in public transport arises from something my company has been researching and developing over the last few months and is planning to announce shortly.

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  1. It’s not as odd as it seems. Some roads in Dublin have a bus passing every two minutes or so (on different routes, obviously).

    Of course the trick with buses is to keep a nice even spacing between vehicles. Otherwise some buses get overfull, and other buses (right behind them) are left empty.