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Tom Gilmartin on Padraig Flynn at the tribunal.

Day 254 of the Planning Tribunal. Tom Gilmartin recounts his allegation of how a former EU commissioner asked him to lie about money that had been paid over Read it and weep.

The amazing thing about the stuff emerging at the Tribunal is that no one really cares. No one really minds what all this implies about how this country is run. It is really pathetic. All the opposition can come out with are a few duff slogans.

There is an obvious solution to the problem though. It’s easy, and it’s done in most other countries as far as I know.

Change the law so that it makes it extremely easy to go carpetbagging for mega-profits on property. Forbid any property from being rezoned unless it is in state ownership. Then the incentive for politicians to extort developers, or for developers to bribe politicians would be gone.

Of course, no one has the bottle to suggest this solution. So in the meantime, the ‘donations’ and ‘Christmas gifts’ to elected officials still goes on.

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