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Wikis are useful

I’ve started using a Wiki to keep track of all those little bits of information and addresses you pick up on the web. A wiki is basically a very simple, very open content system that makes it very very easy to make changes, add new pages and link to them.

The wiki system I’m using is called Kwiki. It’s very basic in its simplest form, but lots of add-ons are possible to make it more sophisticated and useful.

Socialtext provide a commercial implementation of Kwiki, with a nicely-finished user interface and a good hosting and user management system. I’ve used it before for helping organize n-star activities.

I have also tried using weblogs to store notes. It just doesn’t work well for me. The wiki works better, at least for now.

One big problem with wikis is that they can quickly become unstructured if there are a lot of people using them or if they aren’t pruned now and again.

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