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FON has gotten some coverage on That’s cool because FON is a great example of commercially applying the open source model and using Linux in a concrete, understandable way. That’s because the access points that underpin the whole system are based on the Linux platform, and as such, are available under the GNU Public Licence. And like GNU/Linux, FON is all about sharing resources to create added value for the community.

FON was launched by Martín Varsavsky (, who started Viatel, one of the first companies in the callback and prepaid calling card business. The company is based in Madrid. You can find out more at (in spanish) and you can download a presentation in English about the FON plan from . Martin expects that FON will soon have more hotspots than any other hotspot operator in Europe.

You can download the FON source code as well and have a look at it, from . It’s based on the OpenWRT project ( The ready-to-install firmware is at .It’s all currently in Spanish, but you’re all clever people, you’ll figure it out!

If you want to join us today (Wednesday) to see the technology and talk about the plan, send me an email or give me a ring at 087 240 6691.

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  1. FON sounds like a great idea. There’s a huge amount of untapped last mile bandwidth sitting there. I must find out more about it.