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Irish bank launches an anonymous Visa card

Permanent TSB has launched a system for people who can’t get a credit card to buy stuff on-line. Basically, the deal is this: you go into a shop and buy a credit card voucher for a set amount. The voucher has a credit card number on it, and you receive security details by email or text message.

It’s a little pricey, but not completely crazy – costs EUR 6 or 7 per transaction, including the hidden ‘gotcha’ costs.

The irony is that people who are wealthy enough to have a credit card can transfer money almost for free, and people who are poor have to pay 4 or 5 percent. That’s why they say it’s a rich man’s world, I guess.

Still, it’s good to see banks doing something for poor people, illegal immigrants and other ‘unbanked’ people. It will be interesting to see if they run into money-laundering issues.

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  1. It’s not really anonymous unfortunately. Look at the FAQ (

    “1.4 Tell me more about the 3V Card

    The 3V Card is a plastic magnetic swipe card designed to protect you and increase the security of your 3V Voucher. When you register, you give us personal details that allow us to uniquely identify you to protect against fraud. These details include your name, address, date of birth, mobile telephone number or email address, and your own chosen password.


    2.1 Why do you need my personal details for the 3V Card

    We need your name and address in order to be able to pay back unused funds left on your 3V Voucher or to refund disputed transactions.

    We need either your mobile telephone number or email address in order to transmit the security details for the 3V Voucher you are buying at the time of purchase.

    We need your date of birth and your chosen password to uniquely identify you when giving your balance and transaction details over the telephone.

    2.2 Are my personal details stored on the 3V Card?

    No. The 3V Card only stores a unique number that is linked to your details on our secure database.”

  2. Why can I not use 3v on “gambling sites”? This seems almost crazy?!?

  3. Exactly, Why can I not use 3v on “gambling sites”???????

  4. i can bye porn videos if i choose but i cant use my card at online casinos why?