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  1. Hi Antoin,

    Yes I did read it here. When I was scanning through my feedreader I saw the heading, and tbh, I actually thought it was about freeworlddialup.com.

    I know FWD and FON have two different letters, but, well it was a quick scan.

    BUT! To be fair to me, I did mention I read it here, on this post:
    http://www.runningwithbulls.com/blog/2005/10/22/fones-spanish-isp-wants-its-customers-to-share-wifi/ saying: “Actually now that as I write this, I remember reading this on Antoin’s eire.com site, about Martin Varsavsky. ”

    So, I am vindicated!

    Please forgive me 😉

  2. About selling Eircom to Swisscom, well I guess it might not be of any intereset to have a company with 0 debt buying Eircom.
    But at least it would make those boys €€CASH€€.

    About it not making any difference to the customers…well if the parent company had a different philosophy to Eircom’s “don’t share philosophy” well that *might* permeate though to Eircom.

    One can but wish and hope.


  3. FON is a Tarrific idé Martin!!
    Heard you at SIME`05 in Stockholm today. I wish you all luck with tise application and I will be an FON user, no doubt of that. Thank you for the great job in Stockholm, You made my day Martin. Best wishes..