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Redesign of

Finally, I’ve had to do it. Because of all the comment spam, I’ve now moved to new weblog software. I’m using WordPress, because it seems to be the easiest thing to set up and there are some great templates available for it.

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  1. Thanks for that, things are certainly somewhat improved with the new software. I am still getting some spamming action, but at least I can manage it.

    WordPress is certainly a great package for getting up-and-running quickly.

  2. Would have continued to read eire anyway, as it’s always interesting – but now it’s so much more pleasant to read.

  3. Hi Antoin,

    as tom says welcome to wordpress…it does kinda rock and its easy.
    there is a really nice blog editor (name escapes me now) for windows thats free and works with wordpress.i use it in work.

    i’ll try and remember to post the name for you tomorrow.

    well wear,

  4. Great OSS solution, Antoin — lookin’ good. The app for Windows is w.bloggar, a desktop client for blogging.



  5. Hi Antoin,

    the blog editor i was speaking about is called w.bloggar (

    very good app, and it works with wordpress.

    have fun