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Ryanair goes soft

Ryanair has gone all wooly and customer-service and is beginning to embrace big-airline style policies. Well, not really, but they have actually softened up their terms and conditions. According to a post on they now offer accommodation and food where a flight is cancelled and it’s their fault.

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  1. Be careful not to jump to too many conclusions. The comment demonstrates only that Ryanair have moved from a position where they do not provide meal vouchers or hotel accommodation for delayed or cancelled flights at any time to one where they do not provide vouchers or accommodation where the delay or cancellation reasons beyond Ryanair’s control. But even though they say they do not provide such vouchers or accommodation for delays beyond Ryanair’s control, it is not possible to deduce from this that they will provide them for delays which are Ryanair’s fault. This possibility is certainly open on the wording reproduced on, but it is not required by it. We must still watch this space (and the small print) to see what they will in fact do in the event of a delay which is their fault, but this text does not commit them to anything. What they are now obliged to do is usefully expalined on , but in doing so, Ryanair will be following European law rather than the terms of their contracts with their passengers.

  2. As Eoin has pointed out, this looks like minimal compliance with the terms of Regulation 261/2004 (which comes into effect tomorrow) rather than Michael O’Leary having a Pauline conversion. The regulation is available at:

    Incidentally, various low fares airlines are challenging the Regulation at the moment; see this IATA page for background:

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