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Ryanair should have a conversation

So I’m here at Les Blogs in Paris for two days. Robert Scoble are talking about conversations. They are telling some interesting stories. The basic idea is about turning public relations into a conversation. They have a book out, and stories about Vichy, Target, and so on.

Of course the question is, why do some companies not blog, even though they see it’s a good idea?

It’s because it’s just not the way many companies work. They just don’t believe in putting someone out to speak for or about the company.

I was just thinking, it would be great if Michael O’Leary of budget airline Ryanair had a blog. It would be entertaining anyway. But seriously, it could be a great way for Ryanair to move to the next stage as an Internet company.


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  1. I would like to listen to Anglo AerLingus tell us what they did with all the money they made when they were charging 400-800 pounds to fly DUB-LHR.