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Second FON hotspot in Ireland

Ireland’s second FON hotspot is now in operation at the Digital Messenger offices on Lower Grand Canal St, dublin 2. There is already a FON hotspot at Lower Ormonde Quay.

You will be able to access the Grand Canal St hotspot (SSID FON_GrandCanalStLower) from Becky Morgan’s pub across the street or maybe from Cafe Canale or outside at O’Brien’s sandwich bar.

To join the FON revolution and get free access to all FON hotspots worldwide, you can set up your own FON hotspot at home or in your office, or get in touch and I might set you up with a temporary local password!

Leave a message or send an email if you need more information.

We are particularly interested in hearing from bloggers who would like to set up their own hotspots. If you are interested let me know and we’ll see if we can work together!

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  1. Antoin, this is a great initiative! I noticed that your hotspots don’t yet appear on the FON website’s Google Map. Will they be soon?

    I wonder if you’d be interested in coming onboard as editor of a new sub-node in the Open Irish Direcory project ( Emmet Connolly is manager of our “Computers & Communications -> Wifi Hotspots -> Galway” node. I wonder if you could do a Dublin node?

    If so, you might like to use the free and then send me the address. I’ll then slot it right in 🙂