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Videoblogs at Les Blogs

I have to say, video blogs is something that never appealed to me. Seems like a lot of hassle and not worth the trouble. After hearing the panel of experts here, it sounds like I was right about it being a lot of hassle – there are a lot of format issues to contend with, but the situation is beginning to be straightening out. However, I am impressed with the idea. I think it’s an exciting thing to do and I have promised myself to try it sometime.

It’s good to come to a conference and be inspired to do something new!


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  1. Antoin, I too thought I was a podcasting boy through and through, no interest in video….until…. I tried it and it’s fun. Yes there are format issues and the question of how to present it in the browser (embed tag woes) but if you google “perfectpath videoblog” you’ll see what I’ve done so far but I beg you don’t look at

    the shampoo episode…!