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What Microsoft wants – keeping global investment in Ireland

America’s paranoia is Ireland’s opportunity. The Crusade against Terrorism is stopping Microsoft from hiring the computer scientists it wants to hire in America. Ireland should help Microsoft bring the employees it needs to Ireland, if it can’t bring them to America.

According to Paul Thurrott (sixth section), Bill Gates is having a problem getting visas to bring the best computer scientists to the US. According to Thurrott, Gates says that current work visa limits are preventing skilled workers from coming to the US, and it’s costing the US its lead in computer science and other industries.

People are the key. Having the right people here could put us prominently on the international software development map. If we can establish a welcoming, comfortable, economical environment here for computer scientists, it will give us a long-term advantage in the tech sphere.

Instead of concentrating on getting the best people, the government is messing around with the patent laws to make patenting software inventions easier and to please the big players. That might please our rich friends for now won’t bring us any long-term benefits.

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