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Where can I read the laws of blogging?

Martin Varsavsky was criticized at Les Blogs yesterday for deleting a weblog post. Apparently you are not supposed to do this. I have to say I didn’t know that it was forbidden to delete posts (I knew it wasn’t a very good idea, but I didn’t think it was forbidden. Anina who is also at the conference agrees.


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  1. Well thats just crap. It might not be a good idea to delete posts, or comments, BUT if you are going to be SLAPPED/sued etc, there might not be too much you can do.

    It maybe fair to say maybe Martín has more finances than others, but, it is *HIS* blog, and therefore he has full control of it.

    It would be interesting to find out exactly the content of the post that was deleted.

    We are going to see more and more of this in the future.

    Currently it all comes down to how big your legal eagles are!

    Sad, and unfair, but true.

  2. Meh.
    I don’t know about that, I understand where people are coming from on it, but let’s not take ourselves too seriously either.

    If I fancy deleting a post from my blog, you can be damn sure I’ll delete it.

    Now, having said that I have never deleted a post so I’m not sure where that leaves me…

    Thing is, it’s a case by case kind of thing. Never say never.

    It’s the rationale for deletion is important – not the deletion.

  3. Martin doesn´t have a blog, he has a flog.
    Only accepts positive comments, and deletes the post who get criticized.
    Also in his website forums, only positive posts are accepted.
    That´s not bloggin, that´s cheating.