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A free laptop skin for MindCamp 2.0 attendees

I’ve been Sunday-morning-surfing! The most interesting thing going on this weekend (in my opinion) is Dave Winer’s link to MindCamp in Seattle. I like reading about innovative productivity tools like OutlineLab (account by Andre). Dave Winer has put up some photos on Flickr. I enjoy looking at other people’s flip-charts, don’t ask why …

Anyway, here’s my contribution to the pot … if you are an attendee at Mindcamp today (i.e., you are on the list on the MindCamp home page) we at will give you a free skin for you laptop in one of our standard sizes.

laptop skin from aspokeTo get your skin, do the following:

email customerservice -at- OR post a comment here, containing the following details:

for emails, use the subject – mindcamp – free skin

say what you would like on the skin (either a picture, or else the web address or name of one of the skins on the website

what size you would like the skin

17″ screen – 406mm x 295mm
15″ screen – 394mm x 280mm
14″ screen – 360mm x 267mm
12″ 315mm x 261mm

(don’t worry, if the size isn’t quite right, you can trim the skin to size with a sharp knife.)

Also, the web address of your blog, which must have been in existence for at least 3 months (we will check this using

The first 30 people to apply, before 12 midday tomorrow 1 May (Seattle time) will get their free laptop skin.

Obviously, we’d appreciate it if you’d get the word out at Mindcamp, by posting on your blog and spreading the word! (But you don’t *have* to do that!)

Any questions, just ask!


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  1. I will be happy to get this offer. It will help my study.



  2. I will be happy to get this offer. It will help my study.

    I like to get the skin 15? screen – 394mm x 280mm.