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FON-branded, my laptop style brand is moving along nicely. There’s a steady stream of orders and interest. We have all the usual problems of growth – space, logistics, capital and so on. But the product is good, and it’s getting better as we learn more about what the marketplace wants. Thanks to everyone for their support so far!

The picture is my laptop with a FON-branded skin. The FON logo and colours are so cool! (Picture is taken with my new SonyEricsson w800i phone, which is why it’s not the greatest quality photo ever.)

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  1. Is it not all a bit fiddly? getting sizing right, custom cutting etc?

    I love the idea but at €27 a pop there does not seem to be much profit in it. I would whack the price up to €40 for off the shelf and €60 for your own design.

    Then again I am just a greedy sod 😉

  2. Great idea and good luck with the venture! is it possible for customers to upload their own images for the skin?

  3. Yep, can do towers at the moment, but by special request, and it takes a little longer. Let me know what you want and I’ll get you a quote!