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DRI brings legal action over mass surveillance

Digital Rights Ireland ยป DRI brings legal action over mass surveillance

Why does Data Retention (or mass surveillance or whatever you like to call it) matter so much?

One word:


It is a pretty easy trick to strip down human beings using electronic technology, to follow them round, to find who they’re talking to, what they’re reading, almost even what they’re thinking.

Just because it’s easy, however, doesn’t mean we should do it. The fact that it is so easy is why we should take steps to avoid it happening.

The following organizations have lent their support to our action.

  • Open Rights Group, UK
  • Privacy International, UK
  • European Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
  • Luridicum Remedium, Czech Republic
  • Digital Rights Denmark, Denmark
  • Liga voor de Mensenrechten (League for Human Rights), Belgium
  • Electronic Frontier Finland, USA
  • VIBE!AT (Austrian Association for Internet Users), Austria
  • IRIS (Imaginons un R_seau Internet Solidaire, France
  • ALCEI (Electronic Frontiers Italy), Italy
  • Internet Society – Bulgaria

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