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Ejovi Nuwere — FON Advisors in America

Wireless sharing company Fon has put together a pretty impressive board of advisors in the US. Ejovi has all the details:

Andrew Rasiej – Anyone who has read my blog for some time knows about Andrew and his campaign for Public Advocate. He truly believes in the need for WiFi as a way to empower citizens to do more then connect to the internet and read email.

Ethan Zuckerman – Co-founder of Tripod, Geekcorps and a fellow at Harvard?s Berkmen Center and co-creator of Global Voices. I first came in contact with Ethan because I was interested in figuring out how to use technology to help poor communities, one of his passions and the reason why he founded Geekcorps. I think Ethan more then anyone understands the potential for a grassroots WiFi network to change the way people communicate.

Rebecca MacKinnon – I secretly idolize Rebecca for her accomplishments. She was one of CNN?s youngest Bureau Chiefs (China, fluent in Chinese), named one of the few Global Leaders of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum. She left CNN and became a fellow at Harvard?s Berkmen Center and founded Global Voices with Ethan Zuckerman. She has a perspective and insight into international relationships and bridge building that just can?t be bought.

Dan Gillmor – Dan is one of the countries most prominent technology writers. He wrote for the Detroit Free Press and Kansas City Times before going to the San Jose Mercury News in 1994 where he covered the boom and eventual bust of the Internet economy. Because of his many years of experience covering technology and ability to simplify complex problems he has a unique ability to cut through all our technical non-sense. Often times his emails are less then 3 or 4 sentences but leave you thinking ?geez, why didn?t I see that??

David Weinberger is a technologist in its truest form. Probably best known as co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto. His focus has been how the Internet is changing human relationships, communication, and society. A philosopher by training he really has a grasp of the ?big picture.? He was an advisor to Howard Dean?s 2004 presidential campaign along with Andrew Rasiej and advises a number of companies and TV networks on technology.

Joi Ito Joi is one of Japan?s most successful entrepreneurs turned venture capitalist. He doesn?t live in the USA now but spent his teen and college years here. Most of his business is with American companies. One of the first investors in Technorati and Six Apart. Among the many companies he brought to Japan the one most recognizable to Americans would be InfoSeek

Wendy Seltzer is visiting assistant professor at Brooklyn Law School teaching Internet Law and Information Privacy. I met Wendy at Martin Varsavsky Safe Democracy forum?two years ago? Most major battles for privacy or digital rights on the Internet have Wendy?s name attached. This was especially the case during her time as an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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