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FON at National Telecoms Forum

I’m speaking on behalf of FON at the National Telecoms Forum on Wednesday March 8th in the Burlington Hotel. The event is run by First Tuesday Ireland. I will be honoured to be speaking alongside such industry stalwarts as Charlie Ardagh of Magnet and David McRedmond of Eircom. We’re going to be talking about consolidation, convergence and getting broadband penetration levels up. It will be an interesting discussion, well worth the admission fee (and they even throw in lunch). If any of my loyal and patient readers are there, be sure to come up and say hello.

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  1. Hi Antoin

    Would love to know how the telcos react to FON. Are you perceived as a threat or an opportunity? Or just ignored?

  2. Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for the comment! I’m amazed at how positive the telcos have been about the opportunity.