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  1. Hi Antoin,

    I signed up with FON when they launched but never got around to loading the custom firmware on my Linksys. I then got a mail from them a good while back saying I could have a free router if I just clicked a link in the e-mail, which I duly did. No sign of it arriving!

    Was that sent in error or have I been phished like a noobie?


  2. Hi conor,

    thanks for the message, I got back to you separately by email.

  3. I joined fon, have the fon router, they labelled me an alien even though I wanted to be a Linus can not see where to change it. Also have been unable to register my hotspot but it comes up on the Map (13 The Maples) and I have been uunable to surf using the router and still dependent on hardwiring to my cable modem (Metro digiweb). Using a iBook G4 at moment and I can find no help, please.