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Revised prices, new skins at

With the relaunch of the site, we’ve updated the prices and added new designs (like the one below, which I currently have gracing my laptop – suits my personality, don’t you think?) from the zany to the conservative. What we think we’ve got that’s special: every skin is made specially; the purchase process is quick, simple and secure; a special easy-release strip to make it easy to separate the skin from the backing paper; and an all-inclusive price, no shipping ‘gotchas’.

freakypink skin from

Now we’re looking for ways to extend our reach. loves marketing opportunities. If you are organizing a conference, if you are an artist that would like to work with us, or you would like to be a marketing affiliate, let us know! We’re also beginning to work with hardware manufacturers.

We also do special corporate deals, if you would like to buy a couple of laptop skins together with your corporate logo.

At some point we will do some special deals on laptop skins for the bloggers out there, so keep an eye out!

Comments on our product, designs and our website are always appreciated!

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