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Ryanair, don’t blame a girl from trying:

There is a comment on an earlier post as follows. Let’s help this lady find love. Michael, are you listening?

Dear Mister O’Leary, I was on your flight on 07.05.2006 from Milan Bergamo (9.30) to Brussels Charleroi (10.30) and I want to get in touch with a passenger that I met on the flight.I was too shy to ask for his number and so was he.

I believe in destiny so if this is a way to give my mail adress to that person, I woud be very glad. I don’t want persenal information of that person just a chance to give my e-mail adress to him.Coud you be so kind to contact me, I know that you have million other things on your mind, but hè…..don’t blame a girl for trying!.Thank you and kind regards,Beluga.

I’m not sure if I believe in destiny, but I believe in L-O-V-E! Hey us bloggers are a community, right? Let’s help this lady out. Who can help us find this guy? Is Ryanair willing to help? An opportunity for publicity surely?

There’s also obviously a business opportunity here for Ryanair. It could run a speed-dating section on the plane. I bet Beluga would be willing to pay 20 euros to get her details to her travel acquaintance!

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