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  1. Those prices truly are insane; and there’s no reason why prices nearer to the prevailing rates elsewhere in the world — including “free”! — shouldn’t happen here.

    IMO, it’s just profiteering. Fundamentally, the Irish and UK telcos need to get to grips with the concept that lowering cost — sometimes even offering stuff for free — can increase demand for related goods and services, and thereby provide increased profit in the long run.

    But it’s not just the telcos — the location owners should be getting their heads around this! Even my local *donut stand*, of all things, in Costa Mesa offered free wifi. (and they were always packed, compared to the other donut shop in the next block — it worked.)

    My experience with this, 3G, GPRS, and the Irish broadband situation in the past few weeks, is showing that much of Irish business just isn’t making the effort to get these lessons. Very disappointing 🙁