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  1. I am trying to gather information on flight slots if you could help me at all i would appreciate it, thank you.

  2. Hi David,

    My name is Raj and am a Canadian and have my origin in East India.

    I am also working on (thoughtful dreams…)starting an airline in India in the next four to five years if things should fall in place.

    One person you can research in this field is Mr. Rod Machado who writes articles on Aviation Industry and Pilots etc., who could be of some help. Please try contacting him for useful leads.

    What are your plans ?

    At the moment I am working as a Valet/Concierge at the Vancouver International Airport in British Columbia, Canada. And, also working on my website which will market off the shelf software and accessories.

    Stay in touch Mr. Madden.

    Will discuss more once I hear from you.

    Thanking you,


    Raj Prabhu

  3. Hi everyone,

    Did you know of any reading materials (books) that help us understand or gain knowledge on starting an airline ?

    My e-mail ID : mailventure@yahoo.com

    Please e-mail.



  4. Hello Dave and Raj i am with Aviation weekly. I know about what you are talking about and if you have any questions just email me!

  5. Hi Raj, I have been in the travel line for 4 years worked as Reservation & accounts of Ethiopian Airlines pune region now am in marketing & have seen how complicated and tough the airlines industry is in india

    I want to know more about your plans please let me know what are your initial plans as you have to register as a charter to get full service scheduled license in India

    my email is karan@leonardtravels.com

    Karan Bhojwani

  6. Please let me know if anyone knows what are the procedures in starting an airling in India