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  1. Too bad Gerry doesn’t take comments on his website. He could stoke up lively discussions with many of his musings and in the web world you can only join conversations when you can contribute in the open.

  2. I don’t really agree. Having a repository of pdfs is great on some sites – manuals, brochures etc. I’m currently looking for a manual for a Gigaset C325 but the Irish Siemens site doesn’t have one. No prob getting a German one though (which I already have).

    Soemtimes I think he can be contradictory – he had an article slamming the SAS Airlines site but also had an article where Scandinavian Sites were held up as good examples (no specifics).

  3. I’m for the option of giving users choices:
    test, html, xhtml (multi format output e.g. cellphones) , pdf, word, rss, email

    Why should that not be availble as a “standard”?