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Read the Treaty of Rome

This is the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Let’s be honest. Nobody cares about the Treaty of Rome. But the Treaty of Rome is the foundation of the peaceful, growing Europe we know today. Everyone who cares about Europe should read at least a few sections of it. It’s actually pretty readable. If you are interested in commercial law, Title VI is worth reading.

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  1. Even worse than reading it, in a previous life I had to study it , and sit exams on the topic.

    Treaty of Rome is not too bad – it’s pretty clear , and there is even a leagan as Gaeilge if that’s your thing.

    The proposed constitution (the one the Irish and the French voted down) is a bit of a nightmare though (whatever you think of the contents).

    Any document that spends it’s first 3 pages thanking the people that wrote it is asking to be rejected 🙂