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Why are our police buying into Tetra?

The government is about to spend an awful lot of money deploying a Tetra system for Irish emergency services. Why are they doing this when they could use the existing 2G and 3G mobile phone networks? This is a question being asked in Sweden where they started implementing Tetra 10 years ago (and it still doesn’t really work).
Is Tetra/Rakel good enough? |

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  1. 😉
    Why must people always “why are we buying something that doesn’t work”. Should we not be more charitable? Should we not share the wealth of the Celtic Tiger? Should we not help the misfortunate of the business world? They try, they just aren’t good or very successful? Should we punish them for these small failings? Why not buy goods and services from them? I believe we should be a more inclusive society and instead ask “why not buy something that doesn’t work”.
    — this joke ends here, the real joke ends May 24th, hopefully —