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Designing a vision for a Dublin Transport System

Based on work by James Leahy, Aris Venetikidis has developed maps for a possible future transport system for Dublin. He has designed some fantastic maps for what could be a very comprehensive, rapid system. There are lots of kinks and questions to be asked, but it is a great starting point for the discussion of a transport system for the whole of Dublin (or indeed for any other city).

Venetikidis’s work is not just about designing a better map for the existing system. It is a proposal for a whole different kind of transport system for a radically redeveloped city, not just a minor step change. This is really what is needed in Dublin.

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  1. really interesting design. Great looking at it. For a small city there may be too may connections and lines though. fingers crossed we manage to get enough money in the future to get a half decent transport system in place!

  2. Excellent stuff.

    Yes there are maybe a few kinks, but this short of long term thinking is what Dublin, and Ireland needs.

  3. Will these great maps be available as iPhone apps and or with route finder, tracking, pin options etc?

    I would be interested in any updates and or developments.

    Good luck with your projects.

    Kind regards.