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A free custom laptop skin for people attending Les Blogs

laptop skin!!! aspoke.comIs your individuality being stifled? Bored with that grey-looking laptop you bought? Want something different? Attending Les Blogs? Well, this is your lucky day. Basically, if you’d like a free laptop skin, in one of aspoke’s designs, or in a design of your own, just leave a comment below, send me an email ( or better still hand me a business card with the word ‘free’ written on it. is my own company, based around the idea that customers are tired of boring, mass-produced products and want something a bit different.



  1. FREE I would love a skin with anything anime rpg or something dark and abstract ^^

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  3. We would love to get in contact with you to possibly promote our organizations and fundraise these items. Please sign us up for a free laptop skin.

  4. This idea of customized skins sounds great! I am planning to gift it to my BF as a V-Day gift. Is it possible with a snap customized on the skin?

  5. i know its ages since you done this offer but i really want a skin for my boring laptop. i would be the envy of my class if i had one

    if the offer no longer exists, kk but they’re kewl

  6. Heya, your designs are awesome! Any chance the offer is still on? Kim x

  7. I love this idea! Have been shopping around for a customized skin for my Dell Inspirion E1505. Any chance the offer is still on the table?

    Thanks so much!

    ~Leanne 🙂

  8. I love the website, is this offer still available?

  9. Am getting my new Fujitsu laptop before april 10, so hope your free skin offer is still available. That will really help me alot, thanks~

  10. Is your free offer still available? What’s the catch?
    If so, is it possible to have starry night?

    Or if that’s not possible, then the image with fresh stripes that are like, blue and green abd white.
    Ilove all your designs!!!!
    I really want my laptop to stand out.

  11. I was wondering if the free laptop skins were still available. Because I would really love one.
    Let me know, thank you.

    Sheila Parker

  12. Are the free laptop skins still avilable? I would like to have one. Do you have anything in Wizard of Oz?

  13. WOW……I love your products and site…..spent hours searching for a purple laptop (LOL). Found your amazing covers

    Is your offer still on of a free cover would love red illumination or red nightflowers.
    Please let me know..

    Love Julia

  14. Good Day! About a year ago when I purchased my laptop I was looking for a skin. The merchant told me there was no such thing…. HHhhm since I travel a lot with my laptop I wanted to be sure to cover it. i just ordered the American Flag from your site.. Very Cool!!! It’ll replace the clear contact paper I resorted too. BIG Thank you in advance. If you’re still offering free skins ” Blue Tunnel” would be a great back…

  15. I was wondering if you still offered free skins? If so what designs can I use? I am a Tinkerbell freak and that is what I want. Either that or starry Night. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501

  16. Hi, i just came to kno this wen i was doin a google for laptop skins. I want a plain black one

  17. I’d like a ‘The Band’ skin from aspoke designs. I have a 17′ Gateway laptop.



  18. WOW… Cool,
    I love to see my Laptop looks different.
    Great Job, Sir!!!


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