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A free custom laptop skin for people attending Les Blogs

laptop skin!!! aspoke.comIs your individuality being stifled? Bored with that grey-looking laptop you bought? Want something different? Attending Les Blogs? Well, this is your lucky day. Basically, if you’d like a free laptop skin, in one of aspoke’s designs, or in a design of your own, just leave a comment below, send me an email ( or better still hand me a business card with the word ‘free’ written on it. is my own company, based around the idea that customers are tired of boring, mass-produced products and want something a bit different.



  1. Cool idea, how come you didn’t mention this to me at Les Blogs? Sign me up if they’re still going. I have to send you an email about Fon now anyway.

  2. Hi Antoin

    This is cool – let us know what you need – i want one for my laptop (Nooked branding of course)


  3. Antoin –

    Are the skins still available? Please let me know.


  4. Hi Antoine,
    I really appreciate your idea, it’s fun and very original….Actually at Les Blogs we just saw a lot of grey laptop’s skins!!
    …I’d like one with the joker hat of
    I’ll send you a mail soonest…

  5. Love it! Why Dell and everyone else don’t see that their computers are ugly is beyond me…I’m a graphic designer…but I’m a PC boy…every other designer at the coffee shop looks so slick with their mac and their I am with my laptop…

    I’d love to get a skin if you’re still offering them…just let me know what format and size to send it to you in.



  6. That sounds great, if you’re looking for free publicity a chain mail is a good idea. Alot of people will be interested in the unique idea and would probably pass on your business name.

    I don’t know if you’re still offering the free covers but if you could I’d love one that is white with the i heart ny logo on it here’s a sample through this link:,GGLG:2005-20,GGLG:en

  7. How classy! I just got my laptop and amazingly its blue. I’d love something to protect my investment. Like the idea that the designs aren’t so generic…would love to see more!

  8. Great idea for a product. Your introductory price is very reasonable. Can you tell me whether you can custom cut the skin for a 15.4″ Dell Inspiron 6000 so that it covers *all* the silvers parts of the LCD cover (including the hinge and the curved lip) while leaving the white trims exposed? Also, will the centre Dell logo, which is not flush with the top’s surface make an unsightly bump once skinned?


  9. how can i get a free one i dont understand the fourm and id love a protetif designer cover as ive just scrached my laptop bad :

  10. Were you at les blogs in Paris? Then just get in touch and I will confirm it. Otherwise, we’ve got a really good deal going at the moment.

  11. DDrAngus, glad you think it’s a good deal. There’ll be a bump alright. How unsightly it will be will depend on how closely you look, and what the skin is. In general a skin with more texture will hide more, one with flatter colours will hide less.

    The best thing to cover the part you want to cover the silver but not the white is to specify the exact size that you want and we will cut to that.

  12. I would love to have a free laptop cover!! I have been searching for a great way to express myself. I attend art school and everyone has the same gateway notebook. I desperatley need to show my individuallity. Please let me know if they are still available. Thanks!!

  13. I would love a skin if they are still available. I’ve looked everyone for one! Thanks

  14. Hi!! How’s it going, this is defenitely a first as far as promoting this site. I too would like to know if you are still doing the free laptop skin. Like the one above. If you are then please send one my way, oh yeah, ahem…Free 🙂
    If it all possible, a black background with the big Honda logo in the front in silver

  15. I love your laptop skins. You are right when you say people are tired of the basic grey laptops and individual covers make them fun. I’d be interested in a free one if this offer is still available

  16. Hi, hope this is truly my lucky day!

    Free!! Any of your designs will be good.



  17. HI, I just ordered my first laptop, and I got up in the middle of the night to see if anyone had came up with the idea of laptop skins. I would really like one. Please let me know if you are still giving them away for free. I have some ideas for cool designs. In fact, I know some tattoo artist that might be able to help me out with a cool design. Let me know whats up at

  18. I love your laptop skin designs. I would love to have one. Hope your free laptop skins are still available.



  19. free skin.. i’m interested in getting a free skin. your skins are great! is this offer still available?

  20. Hi Antoine,
    i am verry impressed, that idea is cool? what do i need?
    and where can i get it?
    Thanx for answer

  21. Brillian idea!!

    I really hope the offer is still availble, your skin designs are great!

  22. Are you still giving away free skins? If possible I would like one with my employer’s logo on it. I can provide a jpg file if you’ll tell me where to send it.



  23. I would love a free laptop skin, something girly!!

  24. Hi
    I did not attend Les Blogs, but I would gladly pay for a keyboard skin with my logo on it. I work as a consultant to school districts, helping with their students with special needs. I wonder if a skin would minimize skin breakage a bit,from drops?…

  25. Hey, I didn’t know that laptop skins even existed! I just bought a new laptop and wanted to know if you’re still the doing the laptop skin thing. Any design would be fine, maybe something flowery? Thanks, and whatever info you need I have you covered!

  26. yo anybody seen that tv show supernatural? they got a cool skin on the back of their laptop. think u can copy that or sumthin similar??

  27. free pink have own picture.. if i can get one.. thankyou so much.

  28. Do you have more FREE skins available? I would love something in pink!

  29. Hi there,

    I just looked on, and I think it’s a really nice idea. Dont know why the ‘big’ company never do the same thing as do.

    Btw, if this offer still available, can you let me know. I would be really happy to have a laptop skin. (and will buy another one for my girlfriend.. =) )

    Best Regards,

  30. Hello,
    If you are still offering free skins then I would love to have Blue Tunnel please.


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