Lance Spitzner on Honeypots and Internet Security – Quare names but great stuff

Lance Spitzner gave a good talk for the TCD Netsoc on Internet security. Lance is … well, I guess he could best be described as an uber-geek.

Lance was telling us about honeypots. Basically, a honey pot on a computer network serves the same purpose as a honeypot in your back garden, except that it attracts malicious Internet users, rather than bees and wasps.
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Data Retention in Ireland – what’s going on?

Ireland is drafting new laws that will make it mandatory for ISPs and telephone companies to retain information about Internet and telephone usage, and make it available to law enforcement. This legislation has been in progress for some months, but there has been no consultation.

Act now to make sure this legislation takes full account of the privacy rights of Internet users.
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Stop the war march in Dublin

Whatever you think about the war, there’s no denying that there were a lot of people out marching against it in Dublin today. Apparently 80,000 people turned out. With local elections looming in Ireland, the Irish government is really going to have to start thinking about taking a serious stand against what the Americans are proposing.
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