The Blueface user interface

Screenshot of new blueface screen - click for larger imageIrish VoIP company Blueface has introduced a new section on its web interface, that lets you set your phone number up so that it rings in two places at once. So I can set it up so that when a customer rings my Dublin number, both my phone in the office and my mobile phone (and my home phone as well, if I want) all ring, and the call goes through to whichever phone is answered first. I can add and remove phones from the system just by dragging and dropping them on the web page. This is the way all phones should work!

FON on

FON has gotten some coverage on That’s cool because FON is a great example of commercially applying the open source model and using Linux in a concrete, understandable way. That’s because the access points that underpin the whole system are based on the Linux platform, and as such, are available under the GNU Public Licence. And like GNU/Linux, FON is all about sharing resources to create added value for the community.

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FON: getting going fast

I’m posting this while logged on from the FON access point in Ireland, at Ormonde Quay in Dublin. FON is a scheme for sharing wi-fi on an international scale. Bernie wrote about the launch on Wednesday. The premise of FON is simple: pay for broadband at home, have bandwidth everywhere. We’ve established the first FON spot in Dublin, at a central location. We;’re still testing to make sure everything is working, but it’s all looking good. Martin Varsavsky has asked me to be ‘chief fonero’ for Ireland. We’d love to get more people on-line before the official launch of FON in the Emerald Isle. If someone can point us at a good supplier for WRT 54G APs, that would be helpful too!

Deal with mobile spam

Digital Rights Ireland (of which I am a director) has published a concise guide to dealing with SMS spam you receive on your Irish mobile phone (although much the same principles apply in other European countries). It explains the role of Regtel and the Data Protection Commissioner, and the penalties that can potentially be imposed.

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BT Ireland gets into services with Cara

The rumour mills were buzzing for the last two weeks about BT being on the cusp of an important strategic acquisition. But as it turned out, they took over Cara instead. Cara is basically a hardware and software reseller with a services arm. It has been kicked around from owner to owner over the last ten years.

As far as I’m concerned, BT buying Cara is a bit like buying an ice cream while you watch your house burn down.

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