freddy&ma custom handbags

Freddy&ma is a very impressive site for making a custom handbag. I am no handbag guru, but these are really nice, and the price is pretty good too, considering the amount of work that has to go into each piece. They also have a freddy&ma blog which is very informative. It’s clear they’ve come up wit their product through thinking along the same lines as laptop skins. Of course the product is at a much lower price point (around 20 euros versus 340 dollars).

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60 percent of American users want to customize their laptops.

According to a survey carried out by Harris Interactive for Intel and Ultrasuede, ‘Forty percent of U.S. adult computer users find their laptop to be generic, boring, dull, sterile or lackluster, and 60 percent would like to be able to customize their laptop with options such as color, patterns and fabric’. (See Intel press release.) (I read about this at PGreenblog.)

We are doing all this today, at!

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Ryanair, don’t blame a girl from trying:

There is a comment on an earlier post as follows. Let’s help this lady find love. Michael, are you listening?

Dear Mister O’Leary, I was on your flight on 07.05.2006 from Milan Bergamo (9.30) to Brussels Charleroi (10.30) and I want to get in touch with a passenger that I met on the flight.I was too shy to ask for his number and so was he.

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Smart on every apartment’s doorstep

I helped some relatives move into a brand new apartment in Dublin on Friday. Who was the first person to greet us? The neighbours? No. The security guard perhaps? Wrong again. No, we were greeted at about 6.30 pm in the evening by the Smart Telecom sales guy. He had somehow found his way into the building past the security. He told us what a good deal Smart Telecom was, and that they would connect the line for free and give us their free broadband deal. He told us that eircom would charge us 120 euros to get connected (which I suspect may have been a little bit of a fib). But there’s no doubt that Smart are offering a good deal.

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Blogging about the blogosphere, less quantity, more quality is what we need.

David Weinberger comments on David Sifry’s statistical analysis of the blogosphere. These analyses are full of numbers, but I think people in the ‘old’ blogging industry are failing to look at the fundamental demographic changes that must be lying behind the figures. I’m not talking about more asians, or more europeans – I’m talking about a much more fundamental shift than that.

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