Become a primary school teacher, online

Now you can study to be a fully qualified Irish primary school teacher on the Internet with Hibernia College. It only takes 18 months and the degree is recognised by the Irish government. If a company like Hibernia College with very few employees and no campus of its own can set up and offer courses leading to professional qualifications, then what hope is there for bloated universities and colleges, with thousands of staff and expensive buildings?

A former Microsoft employee talks …

Michael Collins is an American writer who was born in Ireland. His books are interesting and whacky. He came to America on a sports scholarship, and eventually got a job as a programmer with Microsoft. He says his next novel is rooted in the time he spent in Redmond. And he has some interesting things to say about the experience.
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McKinsey’s ‘insight’ into the airline industry

According to a recent McKinsey Quarterly article there are great opportunities for cost savings in the airline industry. But my granny (or anyone else who has ever been on a budget airline) could have told you that. Why are McKinsey presenting solid business reportage as strategic insight? Reading the summary, it looks like they’ve missed the main point of how budget airlines are changing the industry.
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