The best and worst about weblogs

The best thing about having a weblog is the comments. It’s a great feeling when people comment on what you have to say. The worst thing about having a weblog is also to do with comments. It’s the comment spam which makes the site look like a haven for pornographers. I’ve had to do something about it.
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Irish Police Corruption

A report (rather long, 500 pages) has been published about police corruption in Ireland. Basically, a tribunal found that a small group of Gardai (police) had faked a number of finds of IRA explosives.
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Commercial Court

In January, Ireland’s new Commercial Court was opened. It’s basically a high-tech, process-reengineered version of the High Court. It shows how traditional insitutions can be improved and made fulfill their purpose better.
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4G in the Irish Times

There were a couple of interesting items in the Irish Times today. One article covered the beginning of the emergence of fourth-generation networks in Japan. What wasn’t covered was that similar networks are being planned and rolled out in Europe. For example, Martin Varsavsky is launching FON, which plans to roll out 4G across Europe.

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Building Multimedia Systems

The last month or two, the folks at my company, Digital Messenger have been working hard building a multimedia player system which allows multimedia files to be played at tens or hundreds of locations, and to be updated automatically via an ordinary telephone line.
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