Industry Activist

According to ENN your humble correspondent is now considered a “long-time industry activist”.

Leaps and bounds in video surveillance technology

I’ve been working with a piece of software and hardware for Windows 2000 called Geovision over the last few days to set up a CCTV system. It’s quite a simple piece of kit for someone technical to set up and use. But it seems to be incredibly well designed and written by an anonymous group of Taiwanese people by the looks of things. It’s not that expensive to implement either – you could set up with two cameras for less than GBP 200
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What happened to the American Dream?

This is a joke that Joi Ito told me.

Two middle easterners move to the US. They make a bet on who can become the most American within just one year. They arrange to get back together one year later to talk about how things have progressed.

Twelve months elapse and they meet again. The first Middle Easterner is proud of what he has achieved and says so. “It’s going really well, I feel like a real American. I got an SUV, a sexy wife, joined the country club,bought a house in the suburbs with swimming pool, went on holidays to florida…”
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Berlin for a few days

I am off to Berlin for a few days on business to pursue a GPS/GPRS related business opportunity. Will be back at the weekend.

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