Wikis are useful

I’ve started using a Wiki to keep track of all those little bits of information and addresses you pick up on the web. A wiki is basically a very simple, very open content system that makes it very very easy to make changes, add new pages and link to them.
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More Dumbness at Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom won’t send me a list of their tariffs. They say the list is too big to send by email. I have now made a complaint under Comreg 04/86, a regulation which requires telephone companies to publish accurate, comprehensive tariff information. – UPDATED with pricelists for Smart Telecom and Tele2
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Media as a divider

Mass media, especially television, used to bring people together and give them a common experience. Not anymore, according to a report on Tuesday on RTE. A Dutch Muslim explained how a large proportion of Muslim homes now had access to channels like Al Jazeera, which give them a completely different perspective on Middle East conflicts from their neighbours.

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