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Well, you could try contacting me at but you might be better to use my three initials instead of ‘antoin’ in the email address.

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  1. Hi,
    I see on the FON website they are offering a free router to anyone who is invited by an existing Fonero. I wonder if you could possibly extend me an invite?

  2. Are you the Antoin O’Lachtnain on the National Standards Authority of Ireland’s sub-committee on judging whether Microsoft’s ooxml is a standard?

    If so, care to blog on this issue?

    Ad-Hoc Group DIS 29500: OOXML

    Dr. David Abrahamson, Trinity College, Dublin (Chairman)
    Mr. Martin Chapman, Oracle Ireland (Secretary)
    Dr. Ian Cowan, NSAI
    Mr. Sean Foley, Microsoft Ireland
    Mr. Edmund Gray, CP3 Software Solutions
    Mr. Peter Lonergan, Consultant
    Mr. Barry O’Brien, IBM Ireland
    Mr. Colm O’Halloran, Intel Ireland
    Mr. Antoin O Lachtnáin, Evertype
    Ms. Kathryn Raleigh, ICT Ireland