Pretending to be the Bank

I just got this email directing me to this fake Paypal site. It was really well phrased in the Paypal style, and the whole thing is very plausible (as well as being completely bogus). Of course, if you do try to log on to the fake website, they have all your details, and they can proceed to steal money from your account.
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Child Porn and Mobile Phone Scandal

There is (apparently) a picture circulating among teenagers mobile phones in the South-East of Ireland which supposedly depicts a girl wearing a school jumper in a very comprimising position. No one has yet successfully identified the girl. The issue has been covered extensively on the national media.
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Eircom is at it again

Eircom wants to raise the line rental again. The rent is usurous already, but after this rise of 7.5 percent, the price will be EUR 24/month. Eircom claim, as they always do that line rental in Ireland is one of the lowest in Europe. As usual, this is a load of rubbish. Line rental in the UK is only around EUR 17.
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Coding the Post

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just glance at an address and instantly know exactly what part of your area the address was located in? I spent most of the weekend and yesterday writing a proposal for a postcode system for Ireland which would allow you to do just that. It was in response to ComReg’s consultation paper on the topic. A dirtier job than you might imagine, with many numeric, geographic, linguistic and even political twists. But got there in the end.
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Tying Blogs into the everyday browsing experience

Weblogs are a great resource because they (usually) come from an individual and represent a particular point of view. Weblogs are more likely to give a contrarian view on a particular issue than you would get if you only relied on the ‘big’ websites or the mass media (newspapers, television, etc.). The only problem is that it can be difficult for an ordinary user to find this contrarian view. This is the problem I think we can solve.
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Holidays worldwide

Maybe this is just useless information, but the Holiday Festival site has details of public holidays for the whole world, including dates for the moveable holidays in 2004. You can also buy a version to load into your database, although they don’t seem to have data beyond 2003 in this format.

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