Ireland’s Nokia

Ireland has a world-leading retail brand, which is famous among consumers all over Europe and the world. Not only that, but it has developed into the uncontested leader in its field, in terms of volumes and profitability. It is the biggest international player. It is innovative and has opened new frontiers. It provides services in neglected regions. It has helped the poor to better themselves. It has helped build political and social cohesion.

This company is Ryanair, the world’s favorite airline. Despite having the biggest international airline in the world based in our yard, we in Ireland cannot figure out how to sort out our tourism problem. We wonder what to do about unemployment after the closure of SR Technics as we turn away Ryanair jobs and write nasty articles full of innuendo. At the same time, we bring in the man who closed down Sabena and try to convince ourselves that he is somehow going to turn around our sub-scale flag-carrier into a European player. This is just hubris.