FON in Wexford

According to the FON maps, there are active hotspots at the railway station in Wexford and at the Wexford Harbour Boat Club. That’s pretty neat.

Map of Wexford showing FON

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Northsiders ahead in the fonero challenge

According to the new FON maps, there appear to be more active FON hotspots on the north side of the city than on the southside … Redress the balance! If you can install a FONera in Dublin 2 or 8, let me know and I will get you a free FON router. (Don’t worry, we will have a Northside offer too …

Just leave a comment if you want to avail of this offer.

Ryanair shows Aer Lingus how it’s supposed to be done

Ryanair wants to take over Aer Lingus, which was floated in a fairly whimsical and happy-go-lucky way by the government last week. The unions and the governments are askance – they don’t like the idea of selling the company to Michael O’Leary.

If you ask me this is the result of the triple Irish vices of ignorance, begrudgery and hibernocentricism.

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Apple and the wanker element

Martin puts it succinctly in his comparison of the N80 smart phone and the Apple iPod.

The N80 is a social device, the iPod has this wanker element to it that I dislike.

There is a serious issue to think of here. Why is the iPod so popular, when other devices such as PDAs were a total failure in the mainstream market? The answer seems to be that the iPod had emotional appeal, it gave people what they wanted, while PDAs were cool and logical and provided what they really needed. People just didn’t want them.

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